About Us

Ugani Honey Bee Farm is a Patiala (Punjab) based apiary and manufacturer of beekeeping equipment and beekeeping supplies with clients spread through out India and many other parts of the world.

Ugani Honey Bee Farm was established with the purpose of processing of raw honey obtained from honey combs into high quality edible grade honey, but has now diversified into manufacturing of beekeeping equipment like honey processing plant, bee hives, honey extractors, smokers, protective clothing, pollen traps, grafting needles etc. For a complete list of our beekeeping equipment visit our Beekeeping Equipment Products page.

We supply edible grade honey of the highest quality which is ready to be bottled and branded for sale. Processing is done through our unique Honey Processing Plant. Raw honey is collected from our own bee farms and selected traders.

Ugani Honey Bee Farm has long been a leading manufacturer of beekeeping equipment and accessories. Our beekeeping equipment is of the highest quality yet economic even for the small and medium sized beekeepers.